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Dec 31, 2012 12:00pm EST
. richmond's city council approved an amended version of the development agreement thursday and it guarantees the cities and schools can also use that facility. construction of the facility is expected to cost up to $10 million. it will be built on state-owned land behind the science museum of virginia. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton is being treated in the hospital for a blood clot. her doctors said yesterday that the clot stems from the concussion that she sustained several weeks ago. mrs. clinton is being held at the new york presbyterian hospital. >>> venezuelan president hugo chavez has suffered new complications while undergoing cancer treatment. chavez had surgery in cuba after the cancer returned 18 months ago. but three weeks ago chavez developed a respiratory infection. the vice president left venezuela to visit chavez, and it is a sign things could be going downhill. >>> nine people are dead after a charter bus carrying 40 people ripped through a guardrail and fell several hundred feet down the snowy slope. this happened yesterday morning in eastern oregon. offic
Dec 28, 2012 12:00pm EST
into the workweek. highs for today, about 43 to 44 degrees for the city center. we'll see 42 around reagan national -- around andrews. and definitely looking at the winds out of the north for the remainder of today. tonight's going to be very, very cool. we're down into the 0s feeling -- 30s feeling like the 20s: tomorrow we barely make it to the 30s. yellow for tomorrow because of the snow showers and green for today. and then it will be brisk on sunday for the game if you're headed out to the stadium dress accordingly. temperatures will be in the upper 30s by day. down to the freezing mark by kickoff at 8 : 30 and then feeling like the 20s for the end of the game. stay with us, we are cooking up something scrumptious in the kitchen right after this. >>> all right, i'm in the kitchen. >> we are. >> i'm in the kitchen with chef fargioni and he's with elizar located in the penn quarter at 427 11th street northwest. italian fine dining. only the best. let me tell you what he's preparing. i'm going to try and read this. pastrami style butter poached maine lobster, roasted moe say yak c
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2